The Blaber Lab travels to Baltimore, MD for ASGSR!

Posted November 6, 2021

Angela Kubik, Noah Allen and Dr. Blaber travelled to Baltimore MD to attend and present at the Annual ASGSR Meeting. Details on presentations are below: 

  1. Characterizing the CDKN1a/p21-mediated role of exercise and recovery in mitigating the effect of simulated microgravity on immune dysregulation and systemic tissue degeneration. Kubik, A., Cheng-Campbell, M.A., Allen, N.G., Pendyala, M., Paul, A.M., Bai, Y., Chan, D., Blaber, E.A. 
  2. Untangling the immune and injury response in the liver as a result of simulated spaceflight. Allen, N.G, Cheng-Campbell, M.A., Kubik, A.,Pendyala, M., Chan, D., Pecaut, M.J., Jonscher, K., Blaber, E.A. 
  3. Single-Cell mRNA Sequencing of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Lineages Shows that Gravity Mechanical Loading Regulates Regenerative Osteogenesis in a CDKN1A-Dependent Manner. Juran, C.M., Zvirblyte, J., Shirazi-Fard, Y., Kubik, A., Cheng-Campbell, M.A., Blaber, E.A., Almeida, E.A.C.
  4. Spaceflight Accelerates Secondary Endochondral Ossification in the Mouse Femoral Head in an Age and Duration-Dependent Manner. Almeida, A.V.Y., Lim, S., Cheng-Campbell, M.A., Blaber, E.A.
  5. Examining the Effects of Differential Collagen Gene Expression on Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan in Fibroblasts under Microgravity and Partial Gravity Test Conditions. Parthasarathy, H., Ross, A., Unadkat, H., Gilbert, R., Reinsch, S., Blaber, E.A. 
  6. Five years of GeneLab for High Schools: Pandemic expansion to the virtual environment. Gebre, S.G., Gilbert, R., Reinsch, S., Blaber, E.A. 
  7. STEM Equity through the GeneLab for High Schools Program. Claudio, J.C., Reinsch, S., Blaber, E.A.