Research Projects

Deciphering the role of the bone marrow microenvironment on wound healing
In this project we aim to study the mechanistic basis for spaceflight-induced degeneration and regenerative repair in both the musculoskeletal and skin tissues and test a movel dietary countermeasure, PQQ in ameliorating these effects.
Understanding the role of spaceflight and aging on the brain-liver-gut axis
This project aims to develop an automated interconnected human brain-liver-gut microphysiological system and the extend the longevity of the system for up to 6 months. The project also aims to examine the role of spaceflight-related stressors on the brain-liver-gut axis with a focus on cellular senescence and mitochondrial dysfunction.
Understanding the role of cell cycle regulation in stem cell regeneration during aging and mechanical unloading
This project aims to decipher the role of the cell cycle in regulating stem cell regeneration during disuse-based conditions and during aging. Our research demonstrates that specific cell cycle molecules inhibit stem cell regenerative capacity in a load-dependent manner.
Understanding the role of bone marrow stem cells and the bone marrow microenvironment in development of liver disease
Bone marrow derived macrophages can significantly affect the onset and progression of fibrotic liver disease. Our research focuses on the impact of stressors on the bone marrow microenvironment and stem cell niche and consequent effects on polarization of bone marrow monocytes.
Deciphering the impact of mechanical load and radiation on bone, joint, and immune health
Alterations in mechanical load are known to significantly affect both the musculoskeletal and immune systems. Our research uses the unique environment of spaceflight to assess the impact of altered load on bone, joint and immune health with a specific focus on the role of bone marrow stem cells.